About OQTA

Who is OQTA designed for?
OQTA is perfect for staying in touch with those who you love but can’t see often, such as your parent(s), grandparent(s), best friend, or partner living away from you.
Can OQTA be used by anyone?
Yes. Anyone who wishes to send love to someone can enjoy OQTA, regardless of age, language, or gender.
When is the perfect time to get an OQTA device?
We recommend getting one for someone you love on a special day such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, National Grandparents Day, the person’s birthday, or the day when the person moves far away. OQTA is a perfect gift when people meet new friends and leave the old.
What is the difference between OQTA Basic and OQTA Clock?
To use the OQTA service, either device is required. OQTA Clock with a lovely bird and analog sounds is preferred by elderly people, while OQTA Basics are often installed in workspaces because of their size and stylish design. The logo on an OQTA Basic will glow gently as it makes a sound. We offer OQTA Basics at a low price so you can feel free to try the service.

Regarding use of OQTA

How do I use OQTA?
OQTA provides a very simple way to communicate with someone you love. If you’re a sender of sounds, all you have to do is tap an icon on the app when you think of the person you love. If you’re a receiver, you have nothing to do once you setup your OQTA device. For more information, please refer to OQTA Startup Guide.

> Click here to see OQTA Clock Startup Guide

> Clock here to see OQTA Basic Startup Guide
Do I need the Internet to use OQTA?
Receivers of sounds (places where an OQTA device will be installed) will be required to have a Wi-Fi network.
I want to move my OQTA device to another place.
You can move your OQTA device wherever you want as long as the same network is available. You don’t need to start over the connection settings after it’s plugged again.
What will happen when my OQTA device is powered off?
The device doesn’t work while it is powered off. It must be connected to a power source.
Can I change the volume of my OQTA device?
No. The volume can’t be adjusted either on an OQTA Clock or OQTA Basic.
When does an OQTA device call if there’s a time difference?
It’s currently designed to call in real time regardless of time difference. We plan to change this system so it’ll call at the same time as a person in another time zone sends a sound.
Once I unplug my OQTA device, do I have to set it up again?
No, you don’t. As long as the same network is available, your OQTA device will connect to the network automatically and work as you set it up first after it’s plugged again.
Can I check if my OQTA calls while I’m out?
No, you can’t. This inconvenience will keep the relationship between you and OQTA healthy. Why don’t you focus on how exciting it is to hear your OQTA call by chance?
Can a friend of mine and I send sounds to each other?
Two people can send sounds to each other if both of them get and set up devices one by one.

Regarding connection settings

I can’t connect my OQTA device to my smartphone (or tablet).
Please check your OQTA device and Bluetooth on your smartphone or tablet are turned on.
If your OQTA device is still not be connected, unplug it once and then start over from connection settings.

Regarding password

I forgot my password
Open the OQTA app and go to the Password page on the login screen. Tap “Forgot your password?” and reset your password.