OQTA Clock
Startup Guide

STEP 1Download the app

Download the OQTA app on your smartphone or tablet.
You can download the app from either of the two buttons down below.

STEP 2Create an account

Open the app you downloaded.
Follow the steps to create your account.
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STEP 3Connect your OQTA Clock to Wi-Fi

Follow the steps on the app and connect your OQTA Clock to a Wi-Fi network.
*OQTA Clock requires a Wi-Fi (wireless) network.
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STEP 4Make your OQTA Clock call

Once your OQTA Clock is connected to Wi-Fi, you can make your OQTA Basic call by only tapping an icon on the app.
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STEP 5How to use OQTA

On the app you can manage your circle and edit your profile.
Click the following link for more information.
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OQTA smartphone application

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