OQTA is a mailbox of your heart.We infrastructurize “omoiyari (thoughtfulness).”



As its name indicates, OQTA limits the number of people to who you are able to connect to eight.Think about your close friends, family, or anyone you love. How would you decide the eight people? It might be the smallest number among all social networking sites in the world. However, we believe that there must be a whole new world you can experience only with the eight people.



Sounds come from an anonymous sender, and what is more, it is a one-way communication. Omoiyari becomes a one-second sound and reaches its receiver as it is. Even if you are curious about who sent you a sound just now, don’t rush to check the answer. Why don’t you enjoy wondering who it was?


One-second sound

OQTA uses a very short sound as a way of communication, which is totally different from sounds made in a phone call. A sound tells nothing, but we believe it does contain special feelings which cannot be conveyed through texts or photos. Meet with deep, introspective, and fine emotions beyond sounds.