Koji Nakano

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Hired by TOTO LTD., Koji Nakano was assigned to be Sales and Marketing Supervisor at TOTO USA Inc. and worked for some companies in North and Central America including ones in New York City and Atlanta Headquarters. With his experience as the Manager of International Operations, he became CEO of TOTO Europe GmbH. In 2014 Nakano left the company and established OQTA.

Kiyohisa Takahashi

Chief Philosophy Officer & Co-Founder

Kiyohisa Takahashi graduated from Nihon University College of Art with a bachelor’s degree in cinema studies. At the age of 29, he founded a firm which edited live broadcast of sports. At the same time, he majored in media studies at the Graduate School of Waseda University and was awarded a Waseda Student Culture Award. Takahashi joined OQTA in 2015.

Masaru Yamamoto

Chief Software Creator

Masaru Yamamoto graduated from Nihon University with a major in industrial technology. After working for an independent software company, he was assigned to be the Director of Now Village Ltd. His work ranged from development and introduction to management of the construction of web system. He joined OQTA in 2015.

Makoto Kawakami

Chief Technology Officer

Makoto Kawakami joined in the construction of MARS 305 provided by JR Group. After that, he worked as a co-founder of Mint Co., Ltd. and Now Village Ltd., and then, he became a board member of the companies. Whether it is a language or a platform, he has a perfect command of computer languages as if they were his native tongues. He joined OQTA in 2015.

Kotobuki Naka

General Manager & Market Development

After she served as a manager of several beauty salons, Naka became a senior leader at a subsidiary of Lawson Group called Best Practice, Inc., where she served as a researcher and analysist. She studied design in general and planning at Tokyo Designplex Institute. She joined OQTA in 2015.

Motoe Haller

Chief Operating Officer

Motoe Haller holds a doctor’s degree in international development from Nagoya University. She was responsible for marketing and branding strategy and PR when she was working at Dentsu Research Inc., TOTO USA Inc., and InSpec Group. Haller is currently responsible for establishing a US headquarters of OQTA.Inc.

Yoshihiro Suwa

Outside Directors

After graduating from Kyoto University with a major in law, Yoshihiro Suwa joined Roland Berger Ltd. and served as a consultant in Japan and Europe. He has worked in strategies of growth, overseas business, marketing, and market penetration (especially to developing companies) for a wide variety of clients. He is currently residing in Jakarta.

Keita Mitsuhashi

Creative Director Design & Technology

Keita Mitsuhashi is currently enrolled in the University of Tokyo, where he majors in engineering. Given business fund by Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd., he built a mobile application called “dood” as a director and engineer. After that, with his experiences of serving as an engineer and digital creator for several companies, he founded Queue Inc. He joined OQTA in 2016.

Naoto Shibata

Creative Director Design & Technology

Naoto Shibata is currently enrolled in the University of Tokyo with a major in engineering, where his study is focused on biorobotics and machine learning. He served as a collaborative researcher in Yutaka Matsuo’s laboratory at the University of Tokyo, where he conducted a study on predictive models of Facebook advertisement conversions. After serving as an engineer and data scientist for several companies including building “dood” with Mitsuhashi as an engineer, he founded Queue Inc. He joined OQTA in 2016.

Ren Tsukamoto


After graduating from the technical college, Ren Tsukamoto joined Hitachi, Ltd.
After retiring, He entered the University of Tokyo.
Entrepreneurship in Asian countries while studying abroad.
After that, also advanced to the Middle East · Balkans.
Also, as a social activity, public utility companies are also conducting public utilities business. He joined OQTA in 2016.


OQTA, Inc.
April 10,2015
Head office
BellMaison 1F, 1-14-7, MinamiAoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062 Japan
Google Map
37,900,000 yen
Koji Nakano
April,2015  Established
September, 2015  Moved a head office to Yoyogi.
December, 2015 Released AR santa (for iOS & Android).
July, 2016  Registered a US subsidiary of OQTA Inc. in the State of Delaware.
July, 2016  Succeeded in developing a prototype of OQTA.
August, 2016  Applied for an international patent under PCT. Reference number: 5334-4021
September, 2016  Released HANABEE (for iOS & Android).
September, 2016  Changed the company name into OQTA, Inc.
October, 2016 Launched NepalProject
December, 2016 Applied for a trademark and logo