OQTA App for iOS Released!

The OQTA app for iOS has been released on the App Store. This application is a new communication service that makes it possible to send out love, using only a one-second sound.

Functions of the App

●Transmit Your the App
The app helps you express how much you’re thinking of someone you love.

●Manage Your OQTA Group
The app enables you to set up and manage who you would like to send/receive sounds. It’s easy to see and edit your OQTA members.

●Keep Track of Your Love
The app enables you to keep track of when and how much you think of the person you love.

Enjoy your OQTA life more with this app!

Download the OQTA App:

What’s OQTA?

OQTA is an Iot service that delivers feelings towards your friends, family, partners, etc. living away from you. It is connected to the OQTA app on your smartphone.In this world of infoglut, choose a simple, nonverbal communication using a sound and deepen your relationship and friendship.Download the OQTA app and connect it to your OQTA Basic, and you’ll be ready to start the new service.

Why don’t you begin the brand-new communication beyond language.

Purchase an OQTA Basic:http://wwww.oqta.com/en/store
OQTA Official Website:http://wwww.oqta.com/index_en.html

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