Giving Shape to Your Love -OQTA- #02

Hi, I’m Akihiko. I’m a bit frustrated lately because I’ve done nothing summery yet.

Ah it’s crazy! August has come before I knew it.
What’s the craziest thing is summer has almost gone! I’ve been too busy with assignments and a couple of different part-time jobs to make a summer plan. Hopefully I’ll be free from such days and do something summery soon…

Anyway, continuing from last time, I’m going to write a review of a new communication service called OQTA. Let’s explore this service together!

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What Is OQTA?

OQTA is a simple but profound service; you can tell someone you love that you’re thinking about the person, using a one-second sound. OQTA transforms various feelings like “How’s he doing?” or “What is she doing?” into a one-second sound and delivers it to the person you love, whenever you think about him/her. This service is still unknown to me since I haven’t started using it yet.

Let’s Go to My Hometown

To try OQTA, I took a device (= cuckoo clock) given by the company with me to my hometown by an overnight bus. The bus was cramped for someone like me who was 180 cm tall…
After a seven-hour overnight bus ride, I finally got to my hometown!
Let’s go give the cuckoo clock to my mom!!

Isn’t It Just a Cuckoo Clock?

As I didn’t let her know I was going home in advance, my mother was like “How come you came back?” when I got home. It seemed I wasn’t very welcome although it had been a while since I had been home last time.
Anyway, I gave her the cuckoo clock to achieve the aim of this trip.

Her reaction was like,
“A clock? It’s just a cuckoo clock. Did you really come back just because you wanted to give this to me?”

In order to show how to use the service, I set up the device as OQTA Inc. explained to me, and I found it took only 2-3 minutes to get through with all settings. The clock rang properly when I tap the button on the smartphone app.

“I tap this button when I remember you, and the clock rings. It’s a new way of communication, so you don’t have to reply unlike phone calls or e-mails. I’m gonna ask my brother and dad to tap a button and ring the clock, too.”

She still looked confused even after I explained. She must have felt, “So what?”

From now on, how will the service change us, including my mother’s reaction?
At this rate, it seems nothing might happen…

In this way, we’ll finally start using the new communication service, OQTA.

Okay, it’s time to study. I’m going to university, listening to one of the most encouraging song for me, Around the World by Red Hot Chili Peppers.
See you in my next article!

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